Conference theme

Varietas delectat… Complexity is the new normality
Industry 4.0 and Diversity in Engineering Education

Creation is not finished! Roles and expectations for universities keep on changing in the 21st century whilst the mission of science, engineering and higher education remains substantial. Stakeholders expect academia to better promote innovation, reform the knowledge economy, and manage vastly altered student populations.

Turbulence, interdependency and complexity characterize the operating environment which is also influenced by socio-cultural-economic, structural and political challenges. Freedom, openness and creativity determine the digital economy. Open content and free access to knowledge help keeping collaborative creativity sustainable. New generation of learning technologies and networks are ubiquitous and mobile which reshape access to and delivery of learning. Cutting edge fields are artificial intelligence, learning self-analytics, adaptive learning, new credentialing, peer learning, user generated content, revolution of assessment.

The themes for the 47th annual conference of SEFI are from but not limited to the followings:

  • Diversity in Engineering Education?
  • Fundaments of Engineering Education: Mathematics and Physics
  • Gender, Inclusion and Ethics
  • How to detect and attract talents with new generations of learning technologies and networks?
  • Impacts of demographics in tertiary education
  • Integrated learning environments for the digital native learners
  • Lifelong learning
  • Network Capital
  • New Complexity quest in engineering sciences
  • New notions of interdisciplinarity in engineering education
  • Open and online teaching and learning
  • Strong demand for democratic involvement in educational processes
  • Sustainability reflecting the complexity of modern society
  • Talent management
  • 4th Industrial Revolution